MBBS in Georgian National University SEU

The inception of the Georgian National University – SEU can be attributed to the visionary Ilia Chavchavadze, who founded this esteemed institution in 2001. With a rich history of over two decades, the university finds its home amidst the state-of-the-art infrastructure of the College of Medicine, showcasing a modern and progressive environment. As one of the largest and most prestigious medical colleges, it holds a prominent position in the heart of Tbilisi, the captivating and charming capital city of Georgia. The allure of this location is bound to captivate the hearts of aspiring students.

SEU takes pride in its status as an elite university, having acquired accreditation from two prominent accrediting bodies operating within Georgia and Europe. This accreditation serves as a testament to the university’s unwavering commitment to maintaining high educational standards and its dedication to providing a top-notch learning experience.

“I have not seen such advanced Medical Infra-Structure used for teaching in any medical universities other than Georgian National University – SEU in the Entire Europe”, says Dr. Smith Jones, an expert and renowned authority in Quality Medical Education.

Georgian National University: Georgia’s Premier Medical University with Global Recognition

 The sprawling campus of the Georgian National university covers an impressive area of 85,000 square meters (21 acres). A substantial investment of 25 million US dollars (200 crores) has been dedicated to developing the educational infrastructure. The university boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities that adhere to international standards, including cutting-edge robotic surgical training equipment, 3D anatomage and cadavers, a simulated mannequin station, a team learning center (TLC), an ultra-modern library, an advanced research center, a simulation center, high-tech laboratories, and a highly advanced student reading room.
SEU proudly stands as the largest medical university in Georgia and Europe (Euro-Asia), attracting over 10,000 students on campus, including a significant number of international students from India and other parts of the world. The degrees offered by SEU are internationally accredited and hold recognition worldwide. It is worth noting that all courses provided to international students are conducted entirely in English, facilitating a conducive learning environment for students from diverse backgrounds.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission in Georgian National Institute

Students who wish to study MBBS in Georgian National University, Georgia needs to fulfil the following eligibility criteria in order to quickly get admission.

  • The applicant should be over 17 and below 25 years old on or before the date of admission.
  • The applicant should be a high-school graduate or should hold an equivalent degree with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as subjects.
  • The applicant should have secured at least 60% aggregate in all the above-mentioned subjects in 10+2.
  • If the applicant falls under the category SC/ST/OBC, he/she must have secured at least 40% in all the above-mentioned subjects in 10+2
  • The applicants should clear both IELTS and TOEFL.

Fee Structure For Mbbs in Georgian National University

  • Application Fee 300$ is Non-Refundable After Admission Letter. 
  • Part Time Work Allow 
  • Visa Charges 500$

First Semester Fee Package

 Fee In USD$: 4500$

Including Admission fee + Ministry visa order letter + 

Tuition fee etc.

2nd to Onwards Semester Fee 

 Fee in USD$: 2750$

Every Semester Accommodation Facility at Georgian National Institute Foreign students enrolled at the Georgian National University in Georgia are required to reside in hostels during their first year of study. However, starting from the second year until the sixth year, they have the option to choose rented apartments or flats as their accommodation.

Tbilisi offers delightful weather and affordable living expenses. The city provides cost-effective public transportation, and there are numerous budget-friendly restaurants where students can savor delicious meals. Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of public sports facilities, while others can immerse themselves in the city’s many museums or enjoy free street Wi-Fi. Exploring Georgian culture is highly recommended, as it is influenced by various societies such as Greece, Russia, the Roman Empire, and the Byzantine Empire. Moreover, the country’s legends, films, and music have gained popularity worldwide.

Why Choose Georgian National University For Mbbs studies

SEU, theGeorgian National Universityin Georgia, holds the distinction of being the largest privately-owned higher educational institution in the country. It stands out as a rapidly advancing institution, attracting a multitude of applications from students worldwide each year. The university is dedicated to creating an exceptional educational infrastructure and fostering an environment where students can flourish. Backed by a team of top-notch faculty and clinicians, the university offers cutting-edge educational programs to ensure a superior learning experience.

  • Leading, biggest, and highly demanded medical university in Europe
  • Recognized as one of the top 5 medical universities in Europe
  • Received the highest government honor for excellence
  • Granted unconditional authorization from authorities
  • Awarded a 5-star rating by the World Federation for Medical Education Team
  • Public intensive research-based organization
  • Follows a robust, research-based course and curriculum
  • Aims to nurture future leaders in the medical field
  • Students highly recommended by top hospitals in Europe
  • Focuses on holistic development of students
  • Provides ample learning opportunities
  • Offers community support and ensures student safety
  • Encourages a vibrant social life
  • Promotes a connection to nature

Documents Required For Admission In Georgian National University

The following documents are required for admission. All documents should be scanned & in one pdf file  Matric  Fsc  Passport 1st page  Picture with white background ,Student’s CNIC ,Father’s CNIC, Police clearance certificate

  • Matric 
  • Fsc 
  • Passport 1st page 
  • Picture with white background 
  • Student’s CNIC 
  • Father’s CNIC 
  • Police clearance certificate

Structure Map OF Georgian National University