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Why Study MBBS/BDS in China ?

High quality education with affordable tuition fee:

MBBS in China is a popular choice for transnational scholars who want to study drugs abroad. Thus, Chinese Universities offer MBBS programs in English, with ultramodern installations and educated faculty. Moreover, This degree is honored by the WHO, and graduates can exercise medicine in China. Or their home country after meeting original requirements. Furthermore, The Tuition Fee in China is much cheaper than in western countries. making it an affordable option. likewise, scholars can also apply for literacy and Scholarships.

Quick admissions process:

MBBS in China has a major advantage easy admission. Eligibility criteria are simple and can be complied with easily by scholars, unlike in other countries. Also, transnational scholars do not need to take an entrance test to study MBBS. This saves them time and spares them from stiff competition during admission procedures.

Global recognition:

MBBS programs in China are comprehensively honored by The World Health Organization( WHO). lists these programs in their International Medical Education Directory ( IMED ). Thus, Graduates of these programs can take public medical webbing tests in Various countries. Thus, This makes their degree precious and honored worldwide.

Medical Degree in China:

Medical Degree offering in Chinese Medical Universities is Clinical Medicine in China ( lin chuang yi xue 临床医学 ) which is same as MBBS & Educational commission for Foreign Medical graduates (ECFMG), United states of America accepts the Bachelor Degree of Medicine.

MBBS/BDS in China – Eligibility Criteria :

To apply for MBBS admission in China, scholars must be over 18 times old and have completed 10 2 with good grades. This includes having good grades in English and Science subjects. Similar as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in Senior High School( HSSC). Also, The eligibility conditions for carrying MBBS. admission in China can be set up in the prospectus of the medical universities.

  • The age limit for MBBS in China is generally set between 18 to 25 years, although some universities may have a peak age limit of 30 years.
  • The last date to apply for Fall intake is typically on or before 20th October, while for Spring intake, the deadline is around 30th April, depending on the university.
  • Basic Eligibility & Merit ⇒ 10+2 (Science) with Minimum 60% or 70% Marks in HSC (Depends on university)
  • Minimum Course Fee (Tuition + Hostel) ⇒ 3500 U$D to 5500 U$D per Year
  • English Proficiency ⇒ NO
  • Chinese language Proficiency HSK ⇒ Needed HSK-4 to promote in MBBS program (universities having Chinese Medium)
  • Minimum Food & Living Cost  ⇒  200$-250$ /Month
  • Medium of Education  ⇒ English Medium/Bilingual Medium
  • Medical Study Duration in China  ⇒  06 Years (5+1) including internship or Clinical rotation.
  • Mode of teaching, learning & training ⇒  General lectures, Tutorials, Practical & Experiments, Demonstrations, Body Dissections, Hospital duties and real time patients handling and clinics, Surgical operations.

China Teaching Staff & Faculty:

Chinese medical universities have ultramodern classrooms with multimedia outfit. They also have qualified Chinese instructor. some of whom have graduated from Europe and hold doctoral degrees from Europe or the UK. Although, Some Chinese medical associations also have foreign instructors from Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, etc. Therefore, This provides scholars with the occasion to gain different knowledge and chops. making it easier for them to pass medical council examinations in their home countries after scale. Also, all Chinese instructors are fluent in English. Furnishing scholars with access to their courage and knowledge every day throughout the time.

MBBS in China for International Students wishing study abroad:

ASEAN & CIS Countries Students:

To promote collaboration in education and culture with ASEAN and CIS Countries. Also, the Chinese government has developed a strategy to encourage further scholars from these regions to study in China. Moreover, they’re targeting countries similar as Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. According to a speaker at Nanjing Normal University, foreign scholars from Southeast Asian countries are the future of the relationship between ASEAN countries and China. Furthermore, there are 68,000 scholars from Southeast Asian countries studying in China across colorful programs. Chinese universities are also offering full and partial literacy for these ASEAN Countries. Thus, The Chinese government hopes to increase the number of scholars to at least,000 this time.

MBBS in China PMC A List Universities For Pakistani Students:

To insure the quality of education, we recommend that Pakistani scholars only consider universities on the PMC Green List. although, Chinese medical degrees can be converted into PRMP. If scholars have at least a 60 grade in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. After completing their House Job, scholars can sit for the PMC’s NLE test.

It’s important to note that Chinese medical universities have been approved by reputable associations like HEC and Pakistan Medical Association. Thus, after passing the PM&DC/ PMC test, graduates can exercise drugs in Pakistan. Also, graduates can apply for ECFMG instruments to boost their career openings.

Scholarship Application Guidelines for Chinese Medium Programs:

We’ve an online gate that Pakistani scholars enduring in Europe, USA, UK, and Middle Eastern countries similar as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Sudan, Bahrain, and Yemen can use to apply for admission. likewise, Chinese envoys in these countries can give them with visas. For Middle Eastern scholars, there are several estimable Chinese universities available. therefore, Studying MBBS in China is affordable, with freights ranging from PKR to PKR per time, which includes education and hotel freights.

MBBS in China For Indian Students:

Indian scholars who study MBBS in China do not face any problems with the FMGE netting test. Because, The syllabus in Chinese universities is regularly streamlined to match the netting test syllabus. Also, the universities prepare scholars for the MCI netting test. MCI drug starts from the first time of the MBBS program. Therefore, Indian citizens with foreign medical qualifications can exercise medicine in India. Scholars are drawn to studying in China due to the quality of education and the numerous openings for hands- on experience in clinical fields.

Required Documents to apply for MBBS in China:

Generally, Chinese universities offer the September Fall Intake for MBBS programs, however, if the seats are not filled, they may launch a March/Spring Intake. Furthermore, some universities specifically offer a March intake for MBBS applicants. Recently, the June/July intake has also become popular due to a shortage of MBBS seats in Chinese institutions. Students admitted in the June/July intake can register in Chinese universities after summer holidays, typically starting in September. Therefore, it is important for students to carefully read the admission letter before applying for a visa at the Chinese Embassy.

Students can send these Scan documents to our official Email  ( admin@hoorainassociates.com ) to start the procedure.

  • SSC- Junior high school document (Grade 10)
  • HSC- Senior high school document (Grade 12)
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One photo with white background.

  • Bank statement (06 months) of student or guardian with closing balance of 6000 U$D.
  • 02 Recommendation Letters (for master degree Scholarship students)
  • Study or Research plan with more than 800+ words.

Required Documents to apply for MBBS in China:

Likewise, Chinese universities give openings for scholars from around the world by offering both incompletely and completely- funded literacy. These literacy are available for a variety of academic programs, ranging from Bachelor’s to Ph.D. programs, in subjects similar as trades and Humanities, Social lores, Medical and Biological lores, Business Education, and Engineering and Technology.

Generally, Chinese universities don’t offer MBBS/ BDS literacy on admission base. still, occasionally parochial governments give partial or full education-free MBBS literacy, which can be applied for through authorized agents of any university. The sanctioned agency will charge the education seat charges and apply for the pupil. also, some Chinese universities offer performance- grounded literacy for MBBS programs, which are dependent on the pupil’s performance. Certain literacy are also blazoned for special nominated countries, similar as European countries like USA and UK scholars.

  • Chinese Government Scholarships for ASEAN and CIS Students for Medical Studies:

These days, the Chinese government is fastening on inviting scholars from ASEAN and CIS countries, similar as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Kazakhstan, for medical studies on full literacy. still, it’s important to note that this occasion isn’t available for all Chinese universities as each university and parochial government has its own policy.

Likewise, these literacy aren’t only limited to Chinese language study, but are also available for other academic programs similar as undergraduate and postgraduate studies. These literacy cover not only education freights but also living charges, accommodation, insurance and handbooks.

The Scholarships offering for international students by Chinese Government have a different Categories are:

  • One Road One Belt Scholarship
  • Chinese Scholarship Council Scholarships (CSC)
  • University Presidential Scholarships
  • Local government Scholarships
  • University Partial Scholarships

To avoid any confusion, it’s important to note that some Chinese universities give literacy in Chinese medium. thus, scholars should make sure about the language of instruction before applying and traveling to China. To clarify the medium of instruction, scholars can gain an admission letter from the admission agency. However, the pupil will admit a Jw202, and if it’s offered by the Chinese Scholarship Council, If the education is offered by the university. still, it’s essential to guard of fake and wandering agents and use professional agencies to save time and plutocrat.

Advantages for Medical Study in CHINA :

  1. IELTS or TOEFL is not required for English Medium MBBS admissions in China.
  2. For MBBS in China no need of Entrance test.
  3. Chinese Universities have organized inside campus hostels which are normally 02 or 03 sharing rooms which are fully furnished and central heated. Most of the Chinese universities are not allowing international students Out side of campus.
  4. International students are not just surviving there, they are enjoying the quality of life in China.
  5. China is totally Moderate & Secure both for male and female students.
  6. Ranking of Chinese Universities are top and good as compared to other country universities like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc.
  7. The universities in China are government owned and funded by Central or provincial government of China.
  8. Almost all the medical universities have minimum 4-5 directly affiliated hospitals and about 20 indirectly affiliated  hospitals which are tertiary hospitals for internship.
  9. The medium of medical education in China is fully English language & in some universities it is Bilingual.
  10. The MBBS course fee is very cheap & Low cost as compared to other MBBS universities in Pakistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and abroad.
  11. MBBS universities in China are recognized by WHO, MCI & approved by PMDC/PMC.
  12. Graduated students are eligible to apply for ECFMG certifications.
  13. Foreign graduates can practice in their countries after clearing the screening test.
  14. Universities prepare MBBS students from the first year of the screening test.
  15. Students have the option to pursue Post graduation degree in China, the universities offering PG are top ranked & offering Scholarship for PG as well. Students can apply for PG in Europe next to completing their MBBS in China.
  16. Almost all the Chinese universities have 2 & in some there are 3 Canteens inside the campus. There must be one Muslim halal canteen for Muslim international students. So there is no problem of Food at all for any nationality.