Qingdao University

Qingdao University situated in the historical and cultural city of Qingdao, is imbued with a profound traditional culture and the spirit of the present. It nestles below Fushan Mountain and faces the Yellow Sea.Its predecessor is Qingdao Specialized Institute of Higher Learning founded in 1909. The institute, unique in medical education, underwent various stages as Qingdao Medical School, Qingdao Medical University, and Qingdao Medical Specialized School.

Another historical source of Qingdao University is Private Qingdao University, established in 1924 and then named as National Qingdao University and National Shandong University. In 1946, National Shandong University merged with Qingdao Medical Specialized School, resulting in the establishment of the Medical School, which was later separated from Shandong University in 1956 and became Qingdao Medical School. Shandong University moved to Ji’nan in 1958, and Qingdao University started its reconstruction in 1985.

Qingdao Textile Technical School, established in 1950, was renamed Shandong Textile Engineering Institute in 1978, after two periods as Qingdao Textile Vocational School and then Shandong Textile Industry School.

Qingdao Teachers Training College, founded in 1951, underwent different phases as Qingdao Work-study Teachers College and Qingdao Normal College, and was renamed Qingdao Teachers College in 1981.

From Tradition to Innovation: The Evolution of Qingdao University

In 1993, Qingdao University, Qingdao Medical College, Shandong Textile Engineering College, and Qingdao Teachers College merged into the new Qingdao University, which then stepped into a new stage of development at a fresh starting point while inheriting fine traditions.

Distinctive disciplines originating from different periods are integrated into today’s Qingdao University, which, like a mighty river joined by meandering tributaries, surges forward with high hopes of the nation and for the future.

Qingdao University implements the strategy of “building up the university on the basis of talent cultivation, and invigorating it through learning and with talents”, with the obligation to “impart profound academic knowledge and cultivate talents with great leaning to meet the needs of our nation”. We advocate academic inclusion, learn from diverse cultures, inherit human civilizations, pursue the truth of humanity and nature, and shoulder the social responsibility to cultivate high-quality talents, who take the lead in social development and cultural advancement.

After years of construction, Qingdao University has evolved into a large-scale comprehensive university with multiple disciplines of natural science and humanistic and social science. It has won acclaim from the society for its high-quality education and high academic level. Now students, faculty and staff of Qingdao University are striding forward toward a brilliant future, with hopes and dreams, historical mission and social responsibilities.

MBBS Scholarship in Qingdao University

Qingdao University is offering MBBS First year Full Tuition free Scholarship to Excellent students having more than 85% marks overall in HSSC (Grade 12). University can take short interview for this and the final decision will be made by the Dean of Medical school of Qingdao university. Actual tuition fee of Clinical Medicine (MBBS) is 30,000 RMB/Year and Scholarship qualified students will get off the tuition fee of first year.

If the student have more than 80% of Marks in HSSC (Pre-Medical), The student can get 20,000 RMB Scholarship from First year tuition fee of 30,000 RMB. Students can Apply Online to get this opportunity.

MBBS in English Medium (MOE Listed)

The Qingdao University Medical College is recognized by the World Health Organization and is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Qingdao University is also in the name list of the first universities authorized by the Education Ministry of China to enroll international students to study clinical medicine 

Qingdao University was approved by the ministry of education of the People’s Republic of China to admit international students in 1987. Qingdao University was approved as HSK test center by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) in 1997, and was approved as Host Institute for Confucius Institute Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship and Shandong Government Scholarship. QU was authorized as The Demonstration Education Base of Study in China by MOE in 2014 and was authorized as one of 27 universitieswhich is in conformity with the International students Education standard in China.

In 2006, Qingdao University started a 6-year MBBS program in English (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Science). Now we have hundreds of international students from India, Thailand, Nepal and many more participating in this program with its desirable geographical location, high quality of teaching, and efficient administrative management, Qingdao University has become a leading choice for an increasing number of international students.

Qingdao University MBBS Fee Structure


Because of COVID-19,Classes will be online for the First year. So, Hostel fee, Visa Extension, Medical check, Insurance fee are Payable on arrival according to actual price depending on the Duration & cost.

MBBS (1st year FULL Scholarship) – Qingdao University

For Scholarship: Student must have More than 85% Marks in HSSC to apply.

Application Fee 1200 RMB + Registration 800 RMB : 2000 RMB | Extra to Fee (Non-Refundable)


1st year Fee

Where to Pay


From 2nd Year to 6th

year (Every year)


Tuition Fee






Tuition Fee


30,000 RMB


Management & Admission Charges, Office Service Fee, Visa Letter/JW202 etc.


12,500 RMB


To Admission Office after issuance of

Pre-Admission Letter


Hostel Fee


10,000 RMB


Visa Extension + Insurance


actual cost

Total Payable in Yuan

12,500 RMB

Total Amount in Yuan

40,000 RMB

Total in U$D (approx.)

2000 U$D

Total in U$D (approx.)

6150 U$D

Important Notes

Fee Once Paid is non-refundable. Student will Clear Management charges 12,500 RMB to admission office soon after the issuance of Pre-Admission Letter by Qingdao

Airport Pickup, Stationary, Food expenses, Air Ticket Charges are not included in

Pakistan National student will follow the rules of PMC, Qingdao University and MOE China.

How to apply for MBBS in Qingdao Medical University 

Submit following documents to us in clear scan form to start application procedure.

  • Application Form
  • SSC Mark sheet (grade 10)
  • HSSC Mark sheet (grade 12)
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One Digital photo with white background (Size must be from 100-500 KB, JPG Format)
  • Bank/Financial Statement